?Ship Detection

RADARSAT-2 has a well-proven capability to determine ship location in near real-time to meet operational requirements.

Ship targets are composed of sharp edges and highly reflective materials, such as steel, which cause very high returns to the SAR sensor. In RADARSAT-2 images, ships appear as bright point echoes against the generally darker sea background.

Ship Detection product can be delivered as a complete solution, where clients receive only the critical information they need, such as ship reports.

Information Gathering and Processing

Disaster Response
SAR imagery provides highly reliable, weather independent data collection that is uniquely suited to a number of disaster response situations. Floods, hurricanes/tropical storms, earthquakes, massive oil spills, search and rescue, and landslides are all cases that can benefit from data derived from SAR. The global coverage, frequency, and fast response are hallmarks of the RADARSAT program, enabling rapid delivery of key information to national, regional and local responders when and where it is needed. 

Oil Spill Detection
RADARSAT data is an effective means of detecting the presence of oil on the ocean’s surface. MDA’s trained and experienced image analysts utilize full resolution and radiometric normalized imagery in conjunction with wind, target and other ancillary information to produce timely and accurate pollution alerts. Identification and assessment of potential oil on water events is based on a number of factors. Interpretation relies on image signature, context, slick morphology and detectability features.

Wide-Area Coverage

Unclassified Information Enables Information Sharing Between Agencies and Government

Independent of Weather or Light Conditions

Automated Detection in Near Real-time