?Mine Closure

MDA’s Surface Asset Monitoring mine closure service provides mining companies with long term, cost-effective monitoring solutions to provide accurate and timely access to critical information.

The mining industry’s access to accurate and easily interpreted overviews of their mine sites to monitor and support early remediation of potential risks during the mine closure phase is limited. Mining operators are faced with a challenge when entering this phase - keeping within budget, while ensuring the mine closure process is carried out according to plan. All aspects of required monitoring are carried out according to mining regulations.

Cumulative Vertical Deformation
MDA’s Surface Asset Monitoring mine closure service is an essential management and geotechnical tool used to support monitoring of mines upon closure or when nearing or engaged within the mine closure phase of the Life of Mine plan. This service provides mining companies with a timely and accurate Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar (InSAR) monitoring solution to assist in identifying ground movement to millimeter-level accuracy during the mine closure phase and beyond. ??It supports the reporting of predictable and unpredictable risk, while also allowing for monitoring plans to achieve sustainable rehabilitation outcomes.

Monitor from a Distance

This cost effective monitoring platform reduces the need for perpetual “boots on the ground” monitoring; ?it is essential for geographical regions where political and social unrest present an immediate threat to personnel and equipment.

Wide Area Coverage

MDA's Surface Asset Monitoring service ?offers wide area coverage that includes the whole mine lease area and beyond.

Tailored ?to Your Needs

Fully ?customizable monitoring ?programs available based on project requirements with a standardized monitoring deliverable ?that can be ad?opted as best practice.

Risk Analysis

A vital tool for high-level, forward-looking risk analysis for monitoring third party infrastructure, performance during reclamation stages, and wide-area environmental health.

Essential Monitoring

MDA's Surface Asset Monitoring mine closure service ?offers ?essential monitoring for tailings storage facilities and waste rock dumps to provide long-term management of mined rock material in both pre- and post-closure phases, as well as for long term perpetual closure plans and temporary facilities placed in care and maintenance.

Recognized and Accepted Methodology

MDA's InSAR solution is recognized as a best practice method for monitoring ?surface movement.