Synthetic Aperture Radar

SAR payloads that include phased array antennas, transmit-receive modules and associated subsystems.

MDA has designed, assembled and delivered advanced SAR payloads beginning with the exceptionally successful RADARSAT-1 that operated for almost two decades providing critical data to international customers. RADARSAT-2 followed extending the performance envelope to a polarimetric SAR offering high resolution stripmap, spotlight over extended swaths. The RADARSAT Constellation Mission, comprises three spacecraft with advanced SAR Payloads, is currently under construction and will provide unprecedented coverage offering advanced radar modes such as ship detection.

MDA’s SAR payloads comprise state-of-the-art space technologies such as phased array antennas, Transmit-Receive Modules (TRM), Payload Controllers (PLCU), Central Electronics (CEU), Subarrays, Deployment Subsystems (DSS), Mass Memory Units (MMU) and Downlink Subsystems all of which have demonstrated excellent in-orbit performance and reliability. From defining the initial conceptual payload architecture to in-orbit testing, the exceptional product performance delivered to multiple international customers has given MDA a world leader reputation in the SAR market.

MDA continues to improve its SAR ?payload capability by targeting its R&D to match user needs of the future. Developing technologies to support larger bandwidths, faster data rates, leading to advanced imaging modes and sub meter resolutions.