Mission Headquarters Systems

MDA delivers Earth Observation Mission Headquarters Systems that enable satellite operators to fully exploit their on-orbit assets.

MDA has been delivering operational Earth observation ground system solutions for the world’s leading optical and Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) satellite programs for over 45 years. An industry leader, the Company also develops and delivers advanced mission headquarters solutions for commercial satellite constellations, advanced high-resolution optical satellite missions, and SAR satellite programs. MDA’s headquarters solutions include mission engineering support, scalable imagery archive and processing solutions, and full turnkey ground segments. Our approach is to work collaboratively with mission teams to integrate MDA’s high-performance system elements into the mission architecture, providing flexibility for satellite operators to expand and update capability as the mission evolves.

Recent advances in small satellites, satellite constellations, and imaging payload technologies are driving demand from satellite operators for more capabilities and features in ground segments. MDA's global experience and unique Earth observation domain knowledge facilitates development, delivery, and support for systems that directly address satellite operator needs.

MDA's Mission Headquarters Systems effectively monitor, plan, and control on-orbit assets and seamlessly receive, archive, process, and exploit acquired imagery data. Our robust, high-throughput solutions enable satellite operators to fully realize the potential of their satellite program.

MDA is committed to continuously investing in new software and systems technologies, enabling our innovative ground segment architecture to integrate best-of-breed COTS together with MDA’s advanced subsystems. Our investment in advanced imagery planning, processing, and exploitation technologies yields the highest-quality imagery products available. This, coupled with our latest generation of imagery discovery and delivery subsystems allows timely delivery of imagery to end users or business-critical analytics/exploitation systems.

From mission system engineering, to scalable image archive and processing solutions, to complete turnkey satellite ground segments, MDA is the ideal partner for Earth observation mission ground segments.

Mission Headquarters
Mission Headquarters
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